Reduce truck idle time effectively

How can eLearning reduce truck idle time?


Drivers love our training because it works with their minds, not against them.

Boring seminars just don’t cut it. We want your drivers to remember the information long term.

Information is presented in short, engaging videos, entertaining and heartfelt stories, and through the voices of authoritative industry experts.

It’s also a great way to get employees engaged as a culture building and retention program.

Our program harnesses the Four Laws of Habit Change:

  1. Make it obvious. Our branding is a cue that reminds drivers each time they step in their vehicle.
  2. Make it attractive. The cost of idling is shown in a driver’s daily life. Imagine you had the power to protect your car, career, and community?
  3. Make it easy. Anti-Idling behaviors are catchy, short, and memorable.
  4. Make it satisfying. Drivers feel like heroes for saving the air and money, at work and at home.

What makes IDLE FREE eLearning so effective?

Ever find yourself repeating a bad habit no matter how much you learn?

We all do. That’s why IDLE FREE for our kids® eLearning is more than just lessons. 

Every habit takes place in a behavioral loop: A Cue sets off a Craving that triggers a Response to gain a Reward.

To change a habit, you need to change the habit loop.

Our eLearning uses proven behavioral psychology to help drivers replace old habits with ones that reduce truck idle time. Watch a demo and see what drivers say here.

This is why our training has dramatically cut idling time for fleets in both public and private sectors.

See our success stories here.

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