How to reduce fleet fuel costs

Reduce fleet fuel costs, whatever your challenge


Every manager wants to reduce fleet fuel costs, but how?

You need to keep vehicles on the road, motivate your drivers, and overcome age-old idling myths.

Since 2010, we’ve helped fleets reduce idling time by up to 80%.

We’ve worked with teams like yours to identify their challenges and overcome them.

Your fleet too can save on vehicle maintenance and fuel, and earn the green PR you deserve.

“Fleets can save a lot of cash and carbon emissions. I’m on track to save $400 bucks and 100s of engine hours in my personal vehicle this year alone.”

Do these success stories sound like your fleet?

Challenge: “But idling is good for the engine; it barely wastes fuel.”


Like many fleet organizations, a major seaport was struggling to get drivers to care about engine idling.

The seasoned operators didn’t see idling as a problem — actually, they often saw it as a good thing!

Old idling myths and practices, like “it’s good for the engine,” are hard to overcome.

Solution? Call in the experts

To truly change beliefs, you need to have powerful voices as well as the facts.

We had respected auto industry experts, educators, doctors, and school children present idling stats, figures, and stories.

These authorities spoke to the hearts and minds of drivers, flipping their long held beliefs for new ones.



During one of the harshest recorded winters on the East Coast, machine operators reduced their idle-time by 40% despite the frigid weather!

Community PR

The drivers were treated like heroes by local school kids who celebrated their success with a flash mob on Clean Air Day. This earned the Port valuable green PR, while setting a positive example for their operations and their community.


Challenge: “It’s not my problem.”


Drivers have a big job to do and they do it well. Often, they view the company vehicle and fuel as just that — the property (and responsibility) of your company.

From that perspective, idling costs are not their problem, they’re yours. Drivers simply do their work and go home.

How could these drivers feel ownership over their vehicles, and become positively drawn to getting results?

Solution? Put the power in their hands.

Drivers don’t care about your fuel or your costs. They care about their fuel, their cars and trucks, and their kids and community.


IDLE FREE for our kids® positions them as the heroes who have the power to help clear the air for their families, communities, and company.

It connects with them emotionally through storytelling, ensuring they take it to heart and keep idling top of mind.


We reduced a major bus fleet’s rate of idle by 80% over a two-year period.

International Green PR

The 2010 Winter Olympics were so impressed with our message, they endorsed our IDLE FREE for our kids® bus to carry the men’s hockey teams for the entire games. 


Challenge: A large, dispersed fleet.

Fleet managers have a lot of work to do, ensuring everyone and everything gets from point A to B to C. When you have hundreds of vehicles, you can’t afford much downtime.

It’s nearly impossible to get all drivers in one room when you’re literally all over the place.

Solution? Make training accessible anytime, anywhere.


Today, thanks to the online eLearning revolution, IDLE FREE for our kids® award-winning curriculum can be deployed in the hands of drivers in the field.

All they need is any web-enabled device. Your drivers can take the program from anywhere on Earth.


In the first IDLE FREE eLearning fleet trial, many drivers took the program right on the bus. On break, not idling. The results were astounding!

Drivers dropped their idling by 55% in just 30 days as measured by their fleet data.

Ready to reduce your fleet fuel costs?


We can put together a custom fleet training program based on your needs.

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