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Our mission: Help fleets cut costs and look like heroes (and do our part to save the planet).

IDLE FREE for our kids® eLearning is proven to transform driver idling habits, and cut fleet costs for public and private transportation companies. Unlike other anti-idling solutions, eLearning requires no expensive equipment to manage driver behavior.

By reducing emissions, companies can earn the green PR they deserve with IDLE FREE for our kids® truck certification and branding.

Since 2010, fleets have reduced idle time by up to 80% with our training.

Where We Began


The leading IDLE FREE cause began with a guy who used to idle all the time.

Ron was the classic North American Idler. He waited outside the hockey arena, school, and house with the car running.

“It’s good for the engine. It doesn’t burn that much fuel. Electric cars will save us anyway.”

He’d accepted the idling myths. Until he had a fateful conversation with his children’s school principal.

“Our teachers and students kept feeling ill at the same time each day. It’s the time the school buses and parents arrive and idle,” she said.

Was vehicle exhaust really that bad?

Ron looked at research from the renowned Argonne National Laboratory.

The $22 Billion Idling Epidemic


Idling alone — a simple, pointless habit — costs Americans and Canadians billions of dollars every year, as well as their health and environment.

Ron’s jaw dropped. He had to do something for his kids and their future.

IDLE FREE for our kids® launched in 2006 as a non-profit. It created IDLE FREE zones in schools across Ron’s home city.

He began educating drivers and speaking at school assemblies about idling costs and myths.

School bus and transit companies started to request his presentations.

“We Want that IDLE FREE Guy!”


Ron went from the North American Idler to the anti-idling expert.

The 2010 Winter Olympics were so impressed, they endorsed the IDLE FREE bus to carry the men’s hockey teams.

The phone began to ring. “Can you help me cut fleet costs..?”

Fleet manager budgets were bleeding money due to this simple driver behavior.

“It costs tens to hundreds of thousands in wasted fuel, not to mention added engine hours and maintenance costs.”

There was no effective IDLE FREE training. Existing anti-idling solutions were all equipment-based and expensive.

What about effective driver training on running today’s engine technology? There was nothing.

Yet, engines built in the last 30 years require virtually no idle time.

Helping Fleets Cut Costs


Ron’s IDLE FREE driver training was fast, economical, and effective. It applied proven habit-changing psychology that transformed driver behavior long-term.

Read our fleet success stories for yourself.

The first official IDLE FREE training program with a big bus company reduced driver idling by 80%!

Ron created the IDLE FREE for our kids® eLearning course in 2018 to make it accessible online and cost-effective for fleets across the U.S. and Canada.

Your fleet can cut costs and look like heroes with IDLE FREE for our kids® certification and branding.

Let’s customize a training and branding solution for your operation.

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