Fleets cut costs, look like heroes.

Imagine you could reduce driver idle times by 30%, 55%, or 80%.

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Fleet managers struggle to reduce fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

Pressure is on for companies — especially in transport — to look good in a carbon conscious world.

The IDLE FREE for our kids® program transforms driver behavior, and is proven to create lasting change in their habits (meaning your bottom-line).

Unlike other anti-idling solutions, it doesn’t require expensive equipment to manage driver idle time.

Why fleet managers choose IDLE FREE eLearning:

It Works

Proven, habit changing psychology transforms driver idling beliefs and behavior.

Fleets have reduced their idle time by up to 80%.

Learn why it's so effective.

Look Like Heroes

Earn positive PR on the road and with media.

Your vehicles can receive IDLE FREE for our kids® branding and certification with the leading anti-idling brand.

Save Fuel & Maintenance

Idling doesn't just burn fuel, it adds to vehicle engine hours.

Fleets may even benefit from government carbon credits or incentives for their savings.

“After your training, I don’t want to run the bus any more than I have to!”
Cliff Cheathon
Motor Coach Driver

Get the green PR you deserve.

Your fleet can earn IDLE-FREE for our Kids® certification and branding to show the world — and the media — your commitment to keeping the air clean.

Driver idling is a $22 billion epidemic of wasted cash and carbon across North America. Your fleet can be part of the solution.


Let’s talk about customizing a training and branding solution for your operation.

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